I’m Turning Into My Mother!

There is a point in every young women’s life where they start to realize that some of the the habits they have are very similar to their mothers habits… no? Just me? yeah i’m turning into my mother slowly but surely… and here’s how.thanks mom

I stop to look at restaurant menus.. Especially without telling whoever I’m walking with so they end up walking away talking to themselves.

 I’ve started watching cooking shows for pure enjoyment while fooling myself saying I’ll try to make that but in reality just saying “oooooo” and “lovely” a lot!

 I drink gin and tonics as my choice of drink.. A large one at that.

 I potter around the house and randomly fix and move things just to make sure they are in the right place

 Flowers are a lovely thing to have in your home, they really bring cheer to any room..

 No one will be hungry under my roof!

 Sometimes I have to give the tough love in order for people to understand and snap back into reality, But my shoulder is there to be cried on regardless.

 When asked for advice, I’m not listened to. Then in time I’m told I was right. I’m always right

 I’ve a million and a shows recorded on horizon box but have no intention of watching any of them soon.

 I have no time to be caught up in petty drama from people. I keep myself un-involved and everyone’s happier, if I do get involved then watch out cause I’m gonna put you in your place.

 A can of lucozade solves all colds.

 If your sick your not ringing in sick to work unless you’re literally hooked up to an iv. And if work lets you bring in the iv you better be going in.

 I have inherited “the look”. None of us know what the look is exactly or how to do but if you’ve pushed it to far there’s a particular look the women in my family pull and you know to walk away. This now works on friends for myself and my nephew. 

IMG_0117 [12538]

 But no matter how many points I make in saying I’m turning into my mother, I’ll still always need her when I’m sick or sad. 

Love you mum! X 


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